Under the Orwell Bridge

One thing to know about me is that I am an obsessive list maker, I'm the type to make a list of what lists I have to make. When I have things I want to buy, I'll very rarely purchase on a whim, it'll be something I've looked into, I love reading reviews and figuring out how to style something before I own it. However, I stumbled across these shoes on eBay and for once, I impulse bought!

They're by the brand Koi Couture and I bought them through the eBay seller Miss Image, I will admit, not everything in their store is exactly to my taste, however these shoes were calling out to me - they're chunky heeled Mary Janes and have a real Japanese 'kawaii' feel about them - hence my idea to team them with a pair of adorable frilly socks (you know the Topshop ones that everyone and their mother owns).

I'm a high heel aficionado and because of this, I have pretty much trained my feet to survive in heels however there were no survival instincts needed for these shoes - the sole is cushioned and it's like walking around on marshmallows, I swear!

I definitely went for a very girly, cutesy look, with a floral A-line dress (as seen on Holland Roden) and pastel coloured accessories!

Dress: Maison Jules (sold out)
Shoes: Koi Couture @ Miss Image
Bag: Urban Outfitters (as seen on Holland Roden) (sold out)
Socks: Topshop
Sunglasses: Missguided (sold out)
Earrings: Forever 21 (sold out)
Bow: Unknown (gift)


  1. as gorgeous as ever Tasha! and that dress I'm in love ��

  2. The post is fantastic! I love it so much!:)
    Have a nice day:)